Become an ASTN Member


Benefits of Membership

As an SSA member, membership to the ASTN is free. Members enjoy the advantages of being part of this collegiate network which include:


Who can apply for membership?

Membership of the ASTN is open to all members of the Stroke Society of Australasia (SSA) who have an interest in stroke clinical trials and practice in Australasia. Applicants are required to:


How do I apply?

You can apply for ASTN membership as part of your SSA membership application. If you are not already an SSA member, please complete the SSA Membership application form.

If you are already an SSA member but not an ASTN member, you can easily join at any time by completing the ASTN membership form.


SSA Membership Application Form  

SSA Membership Application form with option to also apply for ASTN membership.


ASTN Membership Nomination Form  

ASTN Membership Nomination form is to apply for ASTN membership as a current SSA member 


















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