CIRCUIT: Circuit class therapy for Increasing Rehabilitation Intensity of Therapy Trial

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CIRCIT is a multi-centre randomized controlled trial with assessor blinding. It is a 3-armed trial which aims to examine the effectiveness of two distinct models of increasing the dose of physiotherapy provided to people during sub-acute rehabilitation. Usual care physiotherapy (provided over 5 day week) is the control group and will be compared to usual care therapy provided over 7 days a week (7-day therapy) and group circuit therapy provided over 5-days a week (circuit class therapy). The group nature of circuit class therapy has been proven able to deliver an approximate four-fold increase in therapy dose per working day. The primary outcome is walking capacity (6 minute walk test) at 4 weeks. The secondary aim is to examine the relative cost-effectiveness of the dofferent models of care.

We are currently recruiting from three rehabilitation centres in South Australia, one in Western Australia amd a fifth site in Victoria soon to commence recruitment. Our target sample is 282.

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