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The ASTN China office is now operational with INSPIRE currently the first study to be undertaken under the China branch.

Many Australian studies (e.g. studies into new thrombolytics, novel neuroimaging techniques and rehabilitation therapeutic modalities) are hampered by small patient numbers and poor recruitment. According to a survey on the incidence of stroke in Chinese cities over the period 1986–1990, the average annual incidence of stroke was 215.6 per 100, 000. It was estimated that over 8 million acute stroke patients per annum and more than 1.5 million stroke-related deaths every year in mainland China. It follows that the opportunity exists to recruit a greater number of Chinese patients into multi-centre stroke studies.


  1. Facilitate contacts with potential hospitals for INSPIRE-CHINA.
  2. Assist starting study in Chinese centres, including ethics application, installation of perfusion imaging software at INSPIRE-China sites, development of data entry form for Chinese sites.
  3. Coordinate start-up INSPIRE-CHINA start-up meeting in July 2011 in Shanghai 
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